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Greetings from the Roots PCS Health and Wellness Council!  During the month of October, and for the first time ever, our school will celebrate Food Day, during Growing Healthy Schools Week!  Growing Healthy Schools Week will take place during the week of October 20-26, 2013.  

What is ‘Food Day’?  Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.   It builds all year long and culminates on October 24th.  The goals of Food Day center around eating real/live foods, cutting back on sugar drinks, overly salted packaged food, and fatty, factory-farmed meats in favor of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and sustainably raised protein.  One vision of Food Day is shorter lines at fast-food restaurant and longer lines at the farmer’s markets.   

One exciting way that Roots PCS will celebrate Growing Healthy Schools Week is by participating in the Capital Crunch, sponsored by Whole Foods Market.  On October 24th from 10-11, all the students will be given fresh, organic apples to CRUNCH!   During this week, we will also garden and visit other urban gardens throughout the city and develop a ‘Super Food’ Wall of Fame and a ‘Junk Food’ Wall of Shame.  

Other ways that you can celebrate Food Day/Growing Healthy Schools Week include:

 Participate in the DC Central Kitchen’s Farm Truck Event at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Library on Saturday, October 19th from 10-4:30

 Volunteer at a local food bank

 Participate in the Food Day Festival at the Anthony Bowen YMCA on Thursday, October 20th from 11-2

 Visit a farmer’s market

 Prepare a seasonal recipe

To find out more about Food Day and Growing Healthy Schools Week, or to RSVP for community events please visit www.foodday.org/events or http://growinghealthyschoolsweek.org